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Darlene Stubbs

Darlene Stubbs was born in Hildale, UT and grew up in Colorado City, AZ. Her grandfather, Louis J. Barlow, was instrumental in the growth and improvement of Short Creek and provided a great source of inspiration for her. Growing up in the Twin Cities of Hildale and Colorado City, Darlene developed a tenacious work ethic managing a drive-thru restaurant and helping her father manage the Barlow University and KCCA radio station. Whether delivering flyers as a teenager, or participating in garbage cleanup alongside the highway, community involvement was, and still is, one of Darlene’s top priorities.

At the age of 15, having become disenchanted with the church and its leadership, Darlene chose to leave the town she had grown up in. Leaving friends and family behind was one of the most difficult decisions she has ever made, but it allowed her to expand her knowledge and perspective, achieving first her GED and then an Associates of Science degree at Dixie State University. During the course of achieving a formal education, she worked many jobs including waitressing, house cleaning, property management and veterinarian technician. Eventually her life experience and empathetic nature led to her current job, working as a mentor/life coach at a trauma treatment center for mental health.

Darlene enjoys travelling the world with her husband Lawrence Stubbs, who is also a product of Hildale, UT, running marathons, mountain biking, volunteering at animal shelters and spending time with close friends and family. Helping create and plan events that bring people together gives her a great sense of accomplishment and joy. Being able to assist in the planning and execution of the Short Creek 4th of July celebration has been one of the highlights of her life, and she is beyond excited to see the community pulling together and mending after the rough patch it has been through!

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