Committee Members

George Jessop

George has lived in these twin communities his whole life. He has a special appreciation for the beautiful landscape and area region. He has a beautiful family of 12 children, a loving and amazing companion Miriam, has been married to her for 27 years. The last 20 years he has spent serving others in the communities, working at the local hardware store, cooking for the community festivities which he enjoyed doing and still enjoys doing. He is active in seeing industry in our communities grow by being involved with the Uzona chamber of commerce, and is currently self employed as a appliace service and repairman, has people ask him to cater wedding parties and family functions quite often. He loves seeing people getting their lives back together after the jeffs dynasty. George looks forward to seeing many of his friends and family return to the home town they was once a part of even if its just for one day, the 4th of July.”

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