Committee Members

Harvey Dockstader “DOC”

Harvey “DOC” was born and raised in the twin cities and understands the history and potential of the area. Harvey brings a blend of distinct skills with over thirty years experience ranging from Direct Sales & Sales Management to Training, Business Consulting, Personal Development & Network Marketing. Harvey reconnected with George in 2014 while planning a High School Reunion, and shared memories of family and community activities that made the area a treasured place to raise a family. When George and Miriam decided to host a July Fourth event, Harvey was one of the first people George called. Harvey shares a passion for the culture, unique history and desire to restore challenged and broken relationships. Harvey has been very active in restoring and rebuilding the area through economic, civic and community growth. A true entrepreneur at heart, Harvey began his career as the owner/operator of a small construction company. Based on his humble beginnings, he understands the lifecycle of a small to medium-sized business along with the challenges they experience. Over his career, he has led mastermind groups, direct sales teams, personal development training, Sales Training Seminars, and several startups. His talents are continually utilized in community volunteer groups and projects. Harvey considers his marriage of thirty-four years, seven children and six grandchildren among his greatest achievements which is a testament to his loving character.

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