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History Fact about the 4th during the church days

Our bishop, Uncle Fred asked Raymond and I to serve lamb for breakfast at the 4th of July in the early-mid 90’s. We started with 4 gallon a stock pot the first year we served it and when breakfast was over and the community passed through the food line we had leftovers. At this  same time we prepared 800 lbs of potatoes for the single breakfast event and it was totally consumed by the people.  after several seasons of serving lamb for breakfast it started becoming popular. the last year we served lamb was 2001 during the fall harvest fest which was a three day event. on this event we served 30 lambs, 10 lambs each day. The lambs were served separate from the other food line and each day it only took 2 hours and the lamb was gone each day. There was people that made comments like they would never eat that meat, but on this last day most of the people that made a comment like that was eating it and had come back for as many as 3 servings of the meat. Uncle Fred was pretty happy, people just didn’t know how to cook it and so they wouldn’t take it from the church store house and that was what he was trying to do is get people to take it from the store house.

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