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My experience of the 4th of July

My name is Terrill Musser. 3 Years ago, a good friend of mine called me and said “Do you think if I did a Dutch oven breakfast for the 4th of July anyone would show up” I told him I thought if he put the word out he could get a lot of folks to come. That man was George Jessop. He is the Founder of the SC Festivities and is apart of the change and healing in this area. This is exactly what was needed at this time in this area. A place that anyone no matter their beliefs or backgrounds everyone was welcome even anyone from out of town. It was truly open to all. That first 4th of July and all the others there was so much healing created. I saw sons reconnecting with fathers they had not seen in many years. I witnessed true love and peace. I saw Mothers finding their long-lost children and embracing them for long periods of time. It was like the world just stop for us and gave us that moment. I saw so many people from so many backgrounds come together on common grounds and work together to create the perfect day. After the first 4th of July there was an increase of people that moved back home it was that powerful and life changing for so many.

This event year by year is put on by the people and for the people and it takes us all working together to create this amazing event. Please help by donating your time or your money so we can keep creating this healing days and celebrating our Independence Day.

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