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Returning home

My name is Bygnal Dutson Jr
I was born and raised in Hildale, and I have experienced through my life many of the changes that took place in our community. Many have asked me how does these kinds of things happen to so many people. Like I said I have seen the changes it’s a very slow process and you can’t throw all the history into one day. I am very open and honest about what I see here and I would like to add that this effort is not to re-create what was but to realize that we allowed ourselves to let go of who we are. This has also changed my own views on religion, God , and many other things in life. For me it has caused me to review The way I see our country, The way I view the different kinds of people that live in our country. It has also caused me to want to give all men and women the room and the freedom to choose whatever they may. I don’t care who you are what color your skin is or where you came from. As long as your motive is to better our country.
I was excommunicated in 2005. And I was gone until 2015. Just the changes in those years are enough to write a whole book. I am very embarrassed at the actions of my people. The things that they have agreed to do all in the name of God is actually completely against our original believes.
However this effort of the SC Festivities is something that I personally support simply because those who are heading this up are non-bias
They are deeply involved in the rebuilding of a shattered community. They want to see change not only in our community but in humanity as well. I am aware that there are many people who used to call this home and have been very burned by many things that have transpired. Many have said they will never set foot in this community again. I just want to say to anyone who is reading I really don’t blame you in fact I said the same things, so here is an invitation. You are invited to leave all that behind and spend one day in 2018 with myself and many others who seek healing and just want to reminisce the good times. I for one am very much aware of what you have gone through. There’s things that take a lifetime to heal. I do know that a good Conversation with good friends is very healing. Yes leaving the past behind is very much the goal. But sometimes the conversation is what causes that to go away. I have spent the last 15 years of my life learning what it takes to rebuild and I wouldn’t trade the experiences for anything.

Last year I was asked to present the Silver saddle in the parade which was an honor for me to do. For those who don’t know it the Silver saddle has been used in years past and Our “ respected” Community fathers rode that saddle. It is a huge piece of our community. And also the history of how it survived the Jeffs dynasty is amazing.
It is my hope that it can be used again this year and the families of those who have greater knowledge on it than I do will assist with it
I also want to write that anyone and everyone is welcome here you don’t have to know someone to show up come and be a part of our celebration just like any other community.
Come and celebrate with us this year and let us never forget what our forefathers did and why we are as blessed as we are today. Thank you for reading
Bygnal Dutson Jr

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